The Capstone App!

Want your data on your phone? We have a Bluetooth App for that. The application was built with the help of the MIT App Inventor. The App Inventor uses a block-structured programming language and a blocks editor where you can assemble program blocks that specify how the components of the application should behave. The programs visual design and components are designed in the App Inventor visual design component which allows you to pick and place different things in the application such as buttons and labels. The best part is that it allows for Bluetooth Communication!

In the setup function, the line of code “Serial1.begin (9600);” activates the serial transmission on pins 18 (TX) and 19 (RX). The Arduino uses this serial port to transmit the panel voltage, panel current, battery voltage and battery current. Once the application has connected to the Bluetooth module; it gathers this data in a list (the equivalent of an array). This list is then searched for every item in the list and once a delimiter character such as X, Y, Z or D is found the next 4 items in the last are sorted into smaller lists and displayed next to their respective labels on the capstone App. The application is based purely on action programming; therefore an action must occur on the app for an execution of code. So when the get data button is pressed, the process described above occurs. Because of this sometimes there is an inconsistency with the results being displayed on the app and the LCD display. Shown Below are some screen shots of the application and the blocks used to program.


If you any questions feel free to ask us. We will have a download link to the app shortly! (Sometime close to the presentation date).

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